Chemical Ventures

Chemical Ventures started as an attempt to create an educational strategy game with an intent to familiarize people with Periodic table of elements. The idea is to create atoms of elements (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, etc) from fundamental particles (electrons, protons and neutrons), then create molecules of interesting compounds (e.g. H2O, Ammonia, etc) from the elements, and then sell those molecules when their price is high in the market. The price of these substances varies depending on various simulated events reported as news flashes. Your goal is to maximize your revenue from sale of the compounds. Over several iterations, the periodic table look went away and I developed it as a mobile game.

(This game has been remarkably unsuccessful :). However I still believe the core game mechanics is enjoyable. I just failed to make it accessible in a fun way)

  • Platforms
  • Web
  • Android
  • Release date
  • Spring 2020